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A Day at the Erawan Waterfalls – Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Erawan Waterfall

Want to stay cool, surrounded by jungle? Erawan Waterfall is the place.

Surrounded by lush, green jungle, this seven tier waterfall is a popular destination for Thais and foreigners a like.

Erawan Waterfall

Getting to Erawan

While there are many tour packages from Bangkok as well as buses from Kanchanaburi (you’ll see the signs all over the tourist area), I got to Erawan via rented motor-scooter. Less then five dollars, round trip, in gas and a Five dollar a day rental was all it took to cruise the open roads of Thailand (Erawan is a well marked destination so getting lost shouldn’t be a problem as you cruise the countryside).

On a bike you can enjoy the sights, stopping where you like as you pass temples, fruit stands and small villages rarely visited by foreigners (don’t worry, you’ll be able to find fuel along the way if you need to).

 Once You’re There

Once you arrive at Erawan, you’ll have to pay the foreigner entry price of 200 baht (<$7) + 20 baht for your motorbike (<$1) (Motorbikes park up front).

Erawan Waterfall

Erawan is beautiful. Each tier has pools of refreshing green and blue water (outside the rainy season when it’s brown), and are surrounded by shade from lush jungle. You might even see the occasional monkey.

Most Thai visitors at Erawan stay in either the first two tiers or the 7th tier, most foreigners stay within the first 4.  If you enjoy a good hike, with a nice path (no need for a guide or tour). You really should explore ALL of Erawan to find the spot you like the best.  It feels great to take quick, refreshing dips as you make your way along the jungle path along the waterfalls.

Erawan Waterfall

While they are currently building paths up Erawan, the hike become increasingly difficult the further you climb (I was able to get to the 7th in flip flops so it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re in decent shape).

Erawan Waterfall

Man Eating Fish at Erawan

All over Thailand people go to spas and pay to put their feet in fish tanks where little fish nibble off the dead skin. These fish are found naturally in Erawan.

Though a little strange (It feels weird, a cross between a pinch and a tickle), you can spend all day having your feet nibbled and softened, while surrounded by beautiful scenery.

The foreigner entry fee is about the same cost as just a few minutes in a fish spa.

     Erawan Waterfall




  1. I’m so glad you are having a good, enjoy.

  2. That place sounds FABULOUS!!! Glad you got to visit there. xoxo <3

  3. The fish nibbling sounds like that would be SOME experience. I just accidentally enlarged the photos by clicking on them. I’m posting this note in case anyone else didn’t know that is what can happen. They are much neater when they’re enlarged. What does the sign with the lifesaver attached say “Swim at your own risk?” I’m guessing there are no life guards. Geeze, WHAT A COOL EXPERIENCE … although I can hardly believe you trekked THAT steepness and jungle in flip-flops. Hope you didn’t get blisters (What a Momma thing to say.)

    Bet riding the scooter was a blast and another enjoyable part of the day. xoxo <3

  4. YOLO Wil, I am glad you are having the time of your life bro. I will try my utmost best to make it to Dilsburg or Lancaster whenever you have you come back.

  5. Yea ! 🙂

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