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Amazon Prime and the Traveler – FREE

The biggest convenience I miss about living in the US is that you can be surfing the internet, click a button, and have whatever you need show up at your door, in less the 48 hours… for free.

Ever since I got a free ‘student’ trial of Amazon Prime, I’ve been hooked and now there are even more benefits.

Why would a traveler, with no address, use Amazon?

There are three main reasons any traveler should have Amazon Prime.

  • Before leaving on your trip you’ll surely need Travel Gear. Amazon usually has the best price and the savings from free shipping will definitely help out.
  • More and more travelers are using a Kindle and Amazon Prime members get access to Amazon’s lending library where they can read books for free. Check out Amazon’s Bestseller List
  • Amazon now has an Instant Video section where members can stream movies and TV shows to their device anywhere there’s internet. Take a look at the Instant Video Selection

Once you sign-up for your trial, click on ‘My Account’ settings. There’s an option where you can turn off auto renew so you don’t need to cancel your subscription. You’ll never get charged and you’ll get to enjoy your trial without the worry of remembering to cancel.

Note: if you do decide to keep Amazon Prime, you can invite up to 4 family members on one account at no additional cost. This can severely reduce (1/5th) the yearly cost per person, if you like the service.

This is a limited time offer (Starting July 1st 2013) and you have nothing to lose. Click below to signup for your free trial.


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  1. Thanks for the tip. I’m doing it!

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