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Kuching’s Orchid Park – A Photo Essay

Opposite the Waterfront, The Kuching Orchid Park is a beautiful place to spend some time while exploring Kuching.

Completed in 2009 the park has a collection of around 75,000 orchids and holds annual orchid competitions.

I spent a hot afternoon exploring the park while learning to use my new camera (practicing macro and using my F1..8) with the owner of the hostel (The Nook) I was staying at, Franky, after we’d visited a Chinese temple to watch the celebration of a Holiday.

How to get there

Get to Kuching’s waterfront and then take a ferry for a few ringgit cents to the other side.

The park is next to the Governor’s Mansion and overlooks the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly house, a ~15 minute walk from where the boat drops you.

Park Information

Hours of Operation:

– 9:30am to 6:00pm (Tuesday to Sunday including Public Holidays)
– Closed on Mondays for maintenance.


Admission to the park is 100% free!




  1. These pictures are stunning. Learn how to grow them…..another great business idea!

  2. We are seeing more and more orchids at plant stores but these were gorgeous!! When I was a little girl, orchids were such a special flower and a real treasure. In those days the family always got a corsage for the Mother on Mother’s Day and wore it to church. If a Mother had an orchid (instead of say, a carnation) WOW! one knew she was LOVED, LOVED, LOVED because of their relative rareness. Like I said, we see more of them stateside than ever before … but YOU had an opportunity like few others. What a treat that day must have been. Jealous! Yes, I’m jealous! Though this sparks the memory of you being so taken with the water lilies at that Summer Palace (park) we visited in China. So I do have a sense of the delight you found that day in taking these shots. And that is a very precious memory. xoxo <3

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