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Myanmar (Burma)

Two Times in Mandalay


In my previous post about Yangon, I mentioned that most people like only one of the major cities (Yangon/Mandalay) and at first, I was no exception. Eventually I feel in love with Mandalay but only during my second visit. During my first visit to Mandalay, I was staying in the tourist area and a combination of the heat, the people ...

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Picturesque Relaxation at Inle (Inlay) Lake – Myanmar (Burma)


Inlay (Inle Innlay Inley) Lake very well may be Myanmar’s (Burma’s) most visited tourist destination and it was literally the only place in Myanmar where I found any more then a handful of tourists/westerners. I arrived in Inle, from Mandalay via night bus and as with every other bus in Myanmar, taxis where waiting for us when we arrived. The ...

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Getting Around in Myanmar (Burma) – Your Transportation Options


Plane The fastest way to travel. Yangon and Mandalay are the main airports in the country and you can arrive or leave from either (with flights to/from Bangkok around $60 when I went). Some travelers also fly domestically but I don’t think it’s necessary. Train The trains in Myanmar are slow, bumpy and are often more expensive then other options. ...

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Yangon and My First Impression of Myanmar (Burma)


Stepping off the plane and walking through a small, quiet airport, Yangon was already something quite unfamiliar. Immigration was no hassle and I was on my way to baggage claim and then hoped to find a means to an ATM. I tried to make a withdraw from the first one I found, but the machine was out of money. Then ...

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A Nice Walk Through Hsipaw, Myanmar (Burma)

Little Bagan Hsipaw Myanmar

In northern Myanmar, about as far north as you can get without getting a travel permit, lies the small town of Hsipaw. In addition to being one end of one of the world’s most impressive train journeys, Hsipaw is a quaint town that’s worth exploring. What to do in Hsipaw? Hsipaw is a small town with little tourism (at least ...

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Changing Bus Stations in Yangon

Local Pick-up Myanmar

For those new to Yangon, you’ll learn that there are two different bus terminals. If you’re traveling from the west, Ngwe Saung, Chaung Tha, Pyay (Hlaing Thar Yar Bus Terminal) to Bagan, Mandalay, Inle, etc. (Auing Mingalaor Bus Terminal) you’ll need to catch a ride between terminals. If you’re at either terminal, locals will undoubtedly as you ‘where you go?’ ...

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The Best Budget Hotel in Yangon

Hninn Si Budget Inn yangon myanmar

Many people headed to Myanmar are told many myths about the country including how expensive it is. Once in Myanmar I found that it was much cheaper then I had expected (though I was there in low season). Accommodations and transportation being more expensive then neighboring countries such as, I found many budget options, especially in the ‘off season’.   ...

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So I Heard You Like Temples… Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is a small town filled with countless temples. It’s a beautiful place for anyone that enjoys architecture. While I recommended that Bagan makes it onto everyone’s Myanmar itinerary, a day or two is really all you need unless you really injoy temples.   Tips for Bagan The countless temples are spread out over a great distance and you have ...

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An Amazing Train Ride – Hsipaw to Pyin Uu Lwin

Myanmar Train

While it isn’t fast, smooth, or on schedule, the train ride between Hsipaw and Pyin Uu Lwin is considered one of the top train rides in all of the world and was an incredible experience.   Getting Your Ticket Since you’re already traveling in Myanmar (Burma) you know how… bureaucratic traveling the country can be and train travel is no ...

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Adventure Along Myanmar’s Coast

Setting off from Ngwe Saung headed north, we headed on what we were told was a one hour journey to Chaung Tha Beach. Like most directions in Asia, that was a gross under approximation of time.  Starting from our guesthouse, on the south end of Ngwe Saung beach, we drove over packed sand until a rock face blocked our path. ...

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