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Money Saving Tips

The Smart Way to Airbnb (Accomodations)

The first time I ever stayed at an Airbnb was with a group of friends in New York City for New Years after a cross country road trip with my friend came to a halt as our vehicle’s electrical short circuited a few miles from Utah’s boarder with Colorado. It wasn’t until my trip to Zermatt, Switzerland in July of ...

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How To: Buying Airfare

In my mind, there are three (main) ways of getting a plane ticket…   #1 Rewards Tickets Rewards tickets are tickets that are practically free, though often require you to pay taxes and/or a fuel surcharge (depending on the company). You generally accumulate frequent flier miles or points in an a loyalty account that you can spend on plane tickets and seat ...

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Save Money By Taking Your Own Passport Photos


I went to a drugstore the other day to get passport photos and they were charging $8.99 for each set of two. $9 might be worth the convenience to some but long term travelers need extra passport photos in order to get visas while traveling and would rather spend the money on their trip. I wanted ~20 extra pictures because ...

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