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Fruits of the World

Fruit From Around The World – Cempedak


Cempedak (Artocarpus integer) is an interesting fruit found in Southeast Asia. Consisting of a large pod like body (similar to Jackfruit), which has a Durian-esque covered in a rough, sticky skin, I have seen Cempedak almost 2 feet in length. Cempedak is like a combination of both Durian and Jackfruit. How to eat a Cempedak Opening a Cempedak is pretty straight forward. Cut ...

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Fruit From Around The World – Pulasan


The Pulasan (pulasan in English, Spanish and Malay, kapulasan in Indonesia, ngoh-khonsan in Thailand, and bulala in the Philippines) is a very strange looking fruit I’d never seen before I saw it in a market in Malaysia. It looks like somewhat like a nut or pine cone but is in reality, a very tasty fruit which is quite similar to the Rambutan and the Lychee. I knew when I saw it, I had to try ...

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Fruit From Around The World – Durian


Now that it’s Durian season here in Malaysia, I wanted to tell you all about what may be the most Controversial fruit of Southeast Asia …The Durian. What is a Durian? Also known as ‘King Fruit’ and ‘Stink Fruit,’ Durian is a large, fragrant fruit covered in sharp barbs. The edible part of the fruit is a soft flesh that surrounds ...

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Fruit From Around The World – Longan


Longan, similar to both the rambutan and the lychee, longan is probably the one I enjoy eating the most as it has great elements from both of its brothers. How to eat a Longan I had never seen or eaten Longan before coming to Southeast Asia but it’s a pretty good treat. While holding the fruit, press the fingernail of ...

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Fruit From Around The World – Rambutan


A fruit, similar to the lychee, the rambutan is one of my favorite fruits I’ve tried in Southeast Asia. I originally though the rambutan was just a different variety of lychee with a sweeter taste but it is in fact a different fruit all together. How to eat a Rambutan I had never seen or eaten this strange fruit before coming ...

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Fruit From Around The World – Snake Fruit

Snake Fruit, sa-lak, sa-la

  Salak (sa-lak or sa-la) or Snake Fruit in English is an unusual looking fruit, which looks like it’s covered in snake skin. This fruit is found all over Southeast Asia but it is originally from Malaysia and Indonesia. Don’t let it’s bizarre, reptilian, looks keep you from trying it if you get an opportunity. How to eat a Snake ...

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Fruit From Around The World – Lychee


A fruit, larger then a grape, coming in many colors in styles, the Lychee is one of my favorite fruits found in Southeast Asia. How to eat a Lychee Though Lychee flavored items are available in the States, I had never eaten one before coming to Southeast Asia. For those of you who aren’t familiar with eating a Lychee, there ...

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Fruit From Around The World – The Mangosteen

A round purple fruit with a green stem, the Mangosteen is hands down, my favorite fruits in Southeast Asia (so far).   How to eat a Mangosteen For those of you whom aren’t familiar with mangosteen there is an easy way to access it’s edible fruit. First, grab the stem of the mangosteen, pulling it off with a twist. Next, ...

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