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Sarawak Visa Issues Sept 2013 Getting an Extension in Kuching

Kuching Visa Extension

Sarawak has an immigration that is separate from the rest of Malaysia so whenever you arrive from anywhere other then another city I Sarawak, you get a stamp in your passport. While most people whom I’ve talked to got 90 days in Sarawak, regardless of how long they were in the rest of Malaysia, I only got the the duration ...

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How to Get to Kuala Lumpor’s Aiport from Hentian Putra Bus Station

Getting to KL Sentral Station (2)

Figuring out Kuala Lumpors transportation network can be quite a challenge. If you find yourself heading to KL’s Hentian Putra Bus Station to catch a plane or arrive via plane and want to catch a bus, you might find these directions useful. Note: KL has 2 airports and multiple bus stations. Make sure you know where you’re headed. Starting out from ...

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Cell Phones & SIM Cards Abroad


When you’re traveling the world you may want to carry a phone to help stay connected either with friends at home, or new ones along the way. What to do with your phone If you have a phone from home that you want to bring there are two things that you need to do. Suspend your phone service – you ...

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Getting an International Driving Permit While Traveling


Though it is much easier as an American to get an International Driving Permit Domestically (go to your local AAA, fill out an application, and pay the $15 fee) you may be abroad when you discover you need it. While traveling in Southeast Asia, I’ve driven a motorbike in both Thailand and Myanmar with no problems but travelers I’ve run ...

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Tips on Trekking Barefoot in the Jungle


Though I do travel with really nice Multipurpose Keen Shoes I usually find myself traveling in flip flops here in Southeast Asia. One day I found myself in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia in such a situation. I was going for a hike and ended up not having proper footwear with me. I began the hike in flip-flops but torrential downpours ...

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Renting a House in Koh Phangan, Thailand


Recently, in my post How much does it cost to live in paradise? – Koh Phangan, Thailand I informed you all about the costs involved with living on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan for an entire month and due to some expressed interested, I wanted to share with you how you can find a house to rent on the island. Where ...

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Changing Bus Stations in Yangon

Local Pick-up Myanmar

For those new to Yangon, you’ll learn that there are two different bus terminals. If you’re traveling from the west, Ngwe Saung, Chaung Tha, Pyay (Hlaing Thar Yar Bus Terminal) to Bagan, Mandalay, Inle, etc. (Auing Mingalaor Bus Terminal) you’ll need to catch a ride between terminals. If you’re at either terminal, locals will undoubtedly as you ‘where you go?’ ...

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Myanmar (Burma) Myths in 2013

shwedagon pagoda yangon

Be sure to bring crisp new hundred dollar bills and tell your family and friends you’ll be out of touch for the duration of your stay… Bullshit. Even the most up-to-date blogs and resources still say that Myanmar is disconnected and the only explanation for this is either that the authors haven’t been to Myanmar themselves or they just copy ...

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