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Thanks for visiting this page! I know it means you may be interested in helping out!

In reality, my “Travel Fund’ is all of the money I earn and have saved.

Travel is my life and I’m trying to perpetuate and maintain my lifestyle for as long as I continue to enjoy it. I add money to my fund in many ways (writing online, fire spinning, freelance webdesign, etc) and participate in many budgeting behaviors to help my funds take me further (keeping a ledger, making an effort to spent less or buy smarter, volunteering, couchsurfing, etc).

If I am able to raise a little extra money through this site, I will be in a position to do several things:

Continue my journey around the world, writing about all of my adventures.

The more funds I have the more I can support locals, putting money directly in the hands of individuals where I travel.

Allocate more time to keeping this site maintained (this site takes a considerable amount of time)

Ways To Help Out

Links to Useful Products/Services: At the bottom of this page you’ll find a list of useful affiliate links to online retailers. If you make any purchases on these sites using my links, I get a small percentage of each transaction at no additional cost to you!

A Few Dollars: If you’re interested, you can send me a few bucks and I’ll be sure to put it to good use. Even a tiny amount can go a long way with helping me achieve the goals!

Share My Site: Let others know about my adventures! Tell your friends and family to follow me on my adventures.

Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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