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Sarawak Visa Issues Sept 2013 Getting an Extension in Kuching

Sarawak has an immigration that is separate from the rest of Malaysia so whenever you arrive from anywhere other then another city I Sarawak, you get a stamp in your passport.

While most people whom I’ve talked to got 90 days in Sarawak, regardless of how long they were in the rest of Malaysia, I only got the the duration of my time left on my first Malaysian visa (8 days).

I don’t know if this is new policy. Immigration said it was up the the airport’s immigration official but I do not know for sure.

I did however know that 8 days was not enough to explore Sarawak, nor would it get me to my (already booked) exit flight a month from its expiration.

Extending Your Malaysian Visa in Kuching

Extending your visa in Kuching is a simple process that took me all of a half-hour.

You go to the immigration office (Tingkat 1 & 2, Bangunan Sultan Iskandar Jalan Simpang Tiga 93550 Kuching, Sarawak) on the second floor of the immigration building and explain your situation.

They give you a form.

You fill it out (it’s very simple but you need a Sarawak address …use your guest house’s address if you need to).

You Pay. It costs 50RM( ~$16) per month (I had the option of extending up to three months).

You get an extension.


Kuching Visa Extension

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