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Myanmar (Burma)

A Relaxing Beach in Burma – Ngwe Saung, Myanmar

Ngwe Saung, Myanmar

What happens when the government takes a large chunk of beautiful beachfront property, then sells and leases it for development? Nothing. Not yet anyways. On the western coast of Myanmar lies Ngwe Saung, a beautiful beach paradise with many resorts, clean sand and sun …but no one is there yet.   Though it was the low season, Ngwe Saung is ...

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Myanmar (Burma) Myths in 2013

shwedagon pagoda yangon

Be sure to bring crisp new hundred dollar bills and tell your family and friends you’ll be out of touch for the duration of your stay… Bullshit. Even the most up-to-date blogs and resources still say that Myanmar is disconnected and the only explanation for this is either that the authors haven’t been to Myanmar themselves or they just copy ...

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When Travel Plans Fall Apart


When plans fall apart you’ll be frustrated, angry, worried and anxious but it’s not the end of the world. After flying to Thailand, I had 30 days of traveling before my Thai visa expired and I needed to leave the country. I was planning on heading to Cambodia and working my way around the region but ended up going to ...

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