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Travel Resources

Travel Resources – Information

travelfish.org – An extremely useful site for planning a trip to Southeast Asia. This site has itineraries, recommendations and a large amount of information that will be extremely useful when planning a trip to SEAsia.

wikitravel.org & wikivoyage.org – Wikipedia style sites with an incredible amount of user written information on almost every destination. Great for finding out the recommended attractions, accommodations, transportation methods, and things to eat for any destination you end up.

travelindependent.info – A little long winded and dry but a great resource none the less. Travel independent has information for backpackers and travelers including visa information, the typical tourist trail, weather info, costs, transportation, safety info, etc. I highly recommend this site when planning an independent trip.

Travel Resources – Accommodations

Airbnb – A great accommodation site where individuals rent out accommodations all over the world. From guest room to mansion, boat to bungalow, Airbnb might have the listing to make your get away perfect. (I first used Airbnb while in Brooklyn for new years 2012)

Couchsurfing.org – What better way to experience the culture of a destination then by staying with a local? Couchsurfing is a resource where individuals from all over the globe open their homes to a wandering traveler.

Hostelbookers – a resource for finding affordable accommodations wherever your going as well as price standards for those locations. Be sure to read the reviews of any place you’re going to get an accurate idea of where you’ll be staying.

Travel Resources – Transportation

Seat 61 – A great resource for all train related information. Shows routes, time tables, pricing, etc for almost everywhere and in generally very accurate. Also includes brief info on some ferry and bus routes. This is a great resource for planning your trips over all direction and flow.

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