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Daniel’s Lodge – Cameron Highlands

Daniel’s Lodge is a Basic (worn and musty) backpacker lodge located just a short walk from the main bus station in the Cameron Highlands. How to find Daniel’s Lodge? Exiting your bus, walk along the main strip for awhile. You will see a sign that says Daniel’s Lodge pointing up a street (with an arrow pointing right) Turn down that ...

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Exploring Uninhabited Islands in Malaysia

While volunteering at a University, through a work exchange in Terengganu, Malaysia, I got to meet and accompany a Geology professor on some sampling missions. He was trying to prove that the sea level was several meters higher 4000-6000 years ago by finding remains of mollusks caked onto the rock at higher then current levels. Getting to explore the islands ...

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Cold in Malaysia? Cameron Highlands


After catching a ride to the  bus station in Ipoh (from my CS host who was on her way to KL) I hopped on a bus to the Cameron Highlands (16.8RM or ~$5.10). It was my first time on a bus in Malaysia and they were much, much more comfortable than the cramped buses in Myanmar there were only 3 seats ...

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My Costs July 2013 – Peninsular Malaysia


After a month living in Koh Phangan, leaving Thailand the day my visa was to expire I was now in Malaysia where I would be starting work as a volunteer research assistant starting on the 18th. What did I do? With almost three weeks to explore before my position started, I took the opportunity to explore the country a bit ...

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