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Getting an International Driving Permit While Traveling


Though it is much easier as an American to get an International Driving Permit Domestically (go to your local AAA, fill out an application, and pay the $15 fee) you may be abroad when you discover you need it. While traveling in Southeast Asia, I’ve driven a motorbike in both Thailand and Myanmar with no problems but travelers I’ve run ...

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Cold in Malaysia? Cameron Highlands


After catching a ride to the  bus station in Ipoh (from my CS host who was on her way to KL) I hopped on a bus to the Cameron Highlands (16.8RM or ~$5.10). It was my first time on a bus in Malaysia and they were much, much more comfortable than the cramped buses in Myanmar there were only 3 seats ...

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My Costs July 2013 – Peninsular Malaysia


After a month living in Koh Phangan, leaving Thailand the day my visa was to expire I was now in Malaysia where I would be starting work as a volunteer research assistant starting on the 18th. What did I do? With almost three weeks to explore before my position started, I took the opportunity to explore the country a bit ...

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Fruit From Around The World – Pulasan


The Pulasan (pulasan in English, Spanish and Malay, kapulasan in Indonesia, ngoh-khonsan in Thailand, and bulala in the Philippines) is a very strange looking fruit I’d never seen before I saw it in a market in Malaysia. It looks like somewhat like a nut or pine cone but is in reality, a very tasty fruit which is quite similar to the Rambutan and the Lychee. I knew when I saw it, I had to try ...

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Tips on Trekking Barefoot in the Jungle


Though I do travel with really nice Multipurpose Keen Shoes I usually find myself traveling in flip flops here in Southeast Asia. One day I found myself in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia in such a situation. I was going for a hike and ended up not having proper footwear with me. I began the hike in flip-flops but torrential downpours ...

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Renting a House in Koh Phangan, Thailand


Recently, in my post How much does it cost to live in paradise? – Koh Phangan, Thailand I informed you all about the costs involved with living on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan for an entire month and due to some expressed interested, I wanted to share with you how you can find a house to rent on the island. Where ...

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Fruit From Around The World – Durian


Now that it’s Durian season here in Malaysia, I wanted to tell you all about what may be the most Controversial fruit of Southeast Asia …The Durian. What is a Durian? Also known as ‘King Fruit’ and ‘Stink Fruit,’ Durian is a large, fragrant fruit covered in sharp barbs. The edible part of the fruit is a soft flesh that surrounds ...

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Budgeting 101

For those of you planning a trip, budgeting is a very important skill to have. In a world where people spends more money then they make, credit card debt runs rampant, student loans are out of control, where people buy houses and cars they can’t afford, I find it criminal that most people never get taught how to build a ...

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Two Times in Mandalay


In my previous post about Yangon, I mentioned that most people like only one of the major cities (Yangon/Mandalay) and at first, I was no exception. Eventually I feel in love with Mandalay but only during my second visit. During my first visit to Mandalay, I was staying in the tourist area and a combination of the heat, the people ...

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