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My Journey

How Much Does It Cost To Live Abroad? Ubud, Bali.

Why Bali? I heard it was nice. Bali is a beautiful island (not without it’s faults) but I managed to get cheap plane tickets to and from the island so I decided to see what it was like to live there and I’m very glad I did. What Did I Do? I went to Bali to focus on me. I ...

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My Costs October 2013 – Borneo & Bali

What did I do? October 2013 was an adventurous month. It started off in Kuching, where I spent more time then I had originally thought I would. I wanted to go to Mulu National Forest and needed to be in Miri (~1000km away) to get there and I decided I wanted to try and get there hitchhiking. It took 7 ...

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Where’s Wil? It’s been awhile.

Whereswil Austin TX

It’s been a year since my last post and many of you are probably wondering what I’ve been up to… Last November, I lost motivation and direction for WheresWil and have only recently decide in what direction I want this website to move towards. In the last year I finished my year long trip including the rest of Borneo, two ...

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Kuching’s Orchid Park – A Photo Essay


Opposite the Waterfront, The Kuching Orchid Park is a beautiful place to spend some time while exploring Kuching. Completed in 2009 the park has a collection of around 75,000 orchids and holds annual orchid competitions. I spent a hot afternoon exploring the park while learning to use my new camera (practicing macro and using my F1..8) with the owner of ...

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Nosy Primates At Bako National Park


For anyone visiting Kuching in the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo, Bako National Park is a Must See, and I can’t stress that enough. If you’re in the area and you don’t want to see incredible animals, unique plants and diverse terrain… why’d you come to Borneo? How to get to Bako National Park Getting to ...

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Kapas – A Relaxing Island in Terengganu, Malaysia


While Kapas may not be as popular of a destination as some of the other islands in the area (Perhentian, Redang) it has a different vibe that may just be right for you. Kapas doesn’t have the loud bars, clubs, partying or crowds. It’s great for relaxing. How to get to Kapas To get to Kapas, you can take a ...

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PADI Open Water Cert with the Quiver Dive Team – Perhentian, Malaysia


While volunteering in Malaysia, on my birthday weekend, I ended up getting my PADI open water diving certification from Quiver Dive Team on Perhentian Kecil. I was somewhat hesitant about incurring such a large expense as a budget traveler (along with the idea of falling in love with such an expensive hobby) but decided to treat myself. Perhentian was the best ...

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Shack-Rafting on Tasik Kenyir – Malaysia – A Photo Essay


In the Malaysian State Terengganu there is a beautiful 100 square-mile man made lake. Former highlands, flooded via dam, became 340 lush jungle islands surrounded by brilliant blue water where you can fish, swim, hangout with friends, explore waterfalls, and watch the wildlife (we saw some monkeys). Though it is unfortunate of the ecological damage that has been done here, Malaysia ...

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Exploring Uninhabited Islands in Malaysia

While volunteering at a University, through a work exchange in Terengganu, Malaysia, I got to meet and accompany a Geology professor on some sampling missions. He was trying to prove that the sea level was several meters higher 4000-6000 years ago by finding remains of mollusks caked onto the rock at higher then current levels. Getting to explore the islands ...

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