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Fruit From Around The World – Cempedak

Cempedak (Artocarpus integer) is an interesting fruit found in Southeast Asia.

Consisting of a large pod like body (similar to Jackfruit), which has a Durian-esque covered in a rough, sticky skin, I have seen Cempedak almost 2 feet in length.

Cempedak is like a combination of both Durian and Jackfruit.


How to eat a Cempedak


Opening a Cempedak is pretty straight forward.


Cut a line down the length of the pod and use your hands to pull the fruit open.


The edible flesh of the fruit coats each seed (like Durian) though they surrounds the inedible core rather then in separate pods.


To eat Cempedak simply suck the flesh off a seed (it comes off easy and usually in one piece).


How does a Cempedak taste?

To me, the smell of the Cempedak is much less noticeable and even Durian haters can enjoy this fruit but it really does feel like a half step between Durian and Jackfruit.

The texture of the fruit is somewhat slimy but it does have a bite (halfway between Durian’s custard feel and Jackfruits solid bite).

The taste is sweet and enjoyable closer to a Jack fruits almost bubblegum taste, but not quite as strong (I like the taste better then Jackfruit)

Whether you like or dislike Jack fruit or Durian, Cempedak is definitely worth a try if you get the chance.

Note: Cempedak is often sold at street vendors fried and the sees can be edible once cooked, I have yet to try this.

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  1. Now I need to try all 3 fruits to experience the comparison as you describe. They all sure are “foreign” compared to apples, pears, grapes, cherries and bananas … LOL! xoxo <3

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