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Fruit From Around The World – Longan

Longan, similar to both the rambutan and the lychee, longan is probably the one I enjoy eating the most as it has great elements from both of its brothers.


How to eat a Longan

I had never seen or eaten Longan before coming to Southeast Asia but it’s a pretty good treat.

While holding the fruit, press the fingernail of your thumb into the equator of the fruit and press, piercing the skin. Rotate and repeat until your cut has circled the fruit. (make sure your hands are clean as many travelers become ill after eating with dirty hands).


The skin is thin, brittle and a bit leathery. It can be peeled off pieace by piece but it much easy to circle the fruit, take off half of its skin and then squeeze the other half, popping the fruit into your mouth.


Note that longan has a hard inedible seed or ‘pit’.


How Does a Longan Taste?

Longan is sweet and juice. Its taste reminds me a bit of the rambutan but its flesh is much juicier and more similar in size to the lychee.

All in all, the longan is the best of both worlds. Healthy, tasty, and easy to eat. Be sure to try longan if you get a chance!

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