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Fire Spinning

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When I was a kid, I never believed the saying “practice makes perfect.” I believed that I was either inherently good at something or I wasn’t; and I didn’t have enough interest in anything I wasn’t good at, to stick with it long enough to see any progress. The thing that changed my view on self-growth and the impact of determination the most was finding poi and learning the art of fire spinning.

Fire Spinning Burn Circle

In April of 2012 my best friend convinced me to try and learn the art of fire performance, spinning poi. I previously had little experience playing with poi (I could do a 2 beat weave) but after about a week of practicing I was talked into having my first burn. I don’t recommend fire until your conformable without it, but sometimes you’ve gotta run before you can crawl.

I needed to get better. I practiced countless hours and learned a few tricks (practicing alone, with my friend and by watching tutorials online) and eventually learned to transition between them.

I started hanging out with other burners, I had bonfires with other fire artists (poi, rope dart, fire chucks, fire breathing, etc) truly amazing people and lifelong friends, went to shows, events and really grew as a person. I became more confident and happy.

The defining moment came when I learned to move around the poi. Until then, poi was a challenge, something to master. Once I could step around my poi while they maintained their plane (stepping from a butterfly into a butterfly buzz-saw, etc), it became fun. I danced with them and let them flow. My body was finding new movements, transitions and geometries that built into my style, no longer just a series of tricks. This allowed my art to be taken to a new level. Now each few minutes fire spinning flooded me with energy and a drive to grow.

Fire Spinning 1

I’m grateful for time. The summer of 2012 was one of the most enjoyable times in my life. I worked as a glassblower, vending at festivals every weekend. I met hundred of amazing people, heard hundreds of bands and DJ’s and had the time to practiced spinning. I even managed to get a few gigs performing for festivals and even city events.

Fire Spinning

Now poi is one of the biggest parts of my life. It’s taught me the rewards of dedication, discipline and practice and how important it can be to push through one’s plateaus. Poi has made my body strong, agile and flexible. I feel balanced inside and out.

Now that I am off to travel the world I’m leaving many things behind but I’m bringing my fire poi. My friends, family my entire familiar world will be me in the minutes lost in the flames, spinning in some far off land.

Countries I’ve Spun Fire In

  • USA
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Malaysia

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  1. It has to be asked, any accidents while learning to toss fire around? I think I’d lose all my hair in the process. Props to you, though!

  2. I feel like im in the same shoes as you were. Spinning has changed my life all around and opened my eyes to new things and want to make it a career if possible.i love it too much to put it down and was wondering if you had any pointers??

  3. Hello,
    I enjoyed reading this, I am happy to here spinning has effected someone else’s life in such a way.

    I myself am a spinner, I do everything from poi to multiple hulahoops to fire eating and breathing.

    I am currently planning a trip to Thailand for an extended period if time, and have heard that performances are a possibility of work exchange or income.
    Do you have any thoughts on this?
    Have you found it easy to make a small amount of income of your skills?
    Did you have trouble getting fire equipment through customs?

    • Thailand is currently going through a rough patch with there visas in an attempts to combat people working illegally and staying for a long time in Thailand so you have to be aware that it is technically illegal for you to do this for any sort of exchange.

      …That being said it will be easy to find ‘work’ especially if you’re Caucasian.

      I didn’t really focus on earning money while traveling this way, but it can be done if you have some hustle and go around to different bars and hotels (or even busking if you can work a crowd).

      It is really easy however to get food/drink/a place to sleep in exchange for spinning as well as free entry into events.

      As far as travel, I’ve never had a problem with anything in checked baggage. The fuels in Asia are terrible and even with smelly heads, I have only be searched once and they were only looking for fireworks.

  4. Really Happy to hear this!! I’m about to transition from an office job to Fire Performance and was looking for some info on how everyone else is doing =)

    Rings of Fire!!

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