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Hi, I’m Wil.

I’d like to welcome you to the Where’s Wil Travel Blog with a little bit of myself and why you might want to read about my life.

Growing up, I was a loner. I was quiet. I was stuck in my head.

Age 15 I was introduced to travel when my grandma took me to an all inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico where I went from a “chicken fingers & french fries” kid, … to taking advantage of every new experience I could get.

…When I returned home, my outlook had started to change.

Over the course of the next few years, I got to travel a great deal. My aunt took me to spend two weeks in Spain, an extended-family photo Safari in Kenya, a few cruises. I’d visited more then 30 countries before become a ‘legal adult’.

Where's Wil Glassblowing

I unfortunately remained stateside for the next 4 and a half years while I worked on my degree in International Business Administration and Economics while I was working for myself as a Lampwork Glass Artist.

My “job” kept me in control, (par a few months of retail and half a year working for Disney, I’ve never had a ‘real’ job) of my time and my life.

Over Christmas 2011, while taking college classes via cell phone, I got on a plane, solo, for the first time, to join my friend in California to road-trip back across the country. It was an Incredible experience.

That’s when the flow arts entered my life. I picked up poi and fire spinning and with it the most amazing and loyal friends entered my life. When I found poi and flow, I’d found something that, for the first time in my life, I could watch myself progress and grow as I poured countless hours into training my mind and body.

That summer I went from festival to festival selling my art and spinning fire. I spent a lot of time on my own, camping, hiking and making new friends as I drove between festivals and my studio.

It was around this time when I realized what I wanted from life had changed.

Where's Wil HikingI no longer wanted to be the rich, ‘suit and tie’ finance guy, I’d wanted to be since I was a tween. I wanted to learn, enjoy life and be free and, above all else, I wanted to be happy.

Just as my college career was wrapping up and everyone around me was looking for a job, I realized that I needed to do something if I was going to be able to turn my dreams (which I’d had since my first international experience). I needed to turn travel into a reality.

I wanted more then a vacation. I wanted a lifestyle.

Still blowing glass, I also began several digitally entrepreneurial endeavors, focusing the majority of my efforts on Self Published Writing.

My graduation gift from my parents was a ticket to anywhere in the world and when I left for Bangkok April 4th, 2013, I had around $4,000 saved and royalties coming in monthly.

I had researched and planned for months but all my plans went out the window and I just allowed life  to happen.


I’m a wanderer.

I’m a traveler.

I’m an artist and an entrepreneur.

I like to learn and create.

I have no bills, or obligations.

I chase the wind and new experience.

I am Wil.



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  1. SE Asia is AWESOME and FUN! 😀

  2. Good for you Wil! Go for it! It’s all there for you!

  3. I LOVE to read your blog… Keep travelling…

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