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Fruit From Around The World – Snake Fruit

  Snake Fruit, sa-lak, sa-la

Salak (sa-lak or sa-la) or Snake Fruit in English is an unusual looking fruit, which looks like it’s covered in snake skin. This fruit is found all over Southeast Asia but it is originally from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Don’t let it’s bizarre, reptilian, looks keep you from trying it if you get an opportunity.

How to eat a Snake Fruit

In order to eat snake fruit, you must first peel off the skin. You can do this either by pressing the nail of your thumb, or a blade, into the skin of the fruit near one of its ends. (be warned that snake fruit may be prickly so take caution when peeling them by hand)

Snake Fruit, sa-lak, sa-la

Once the skin has been broken it can easily be peeled off of the fruit.

When the fruit is exposed, your ready to take a bite, just be cautious as there is a large inedible seed within this tasty fruit.

Snake Fruit, sa-lak, sa-la

How does Snake Fruit Taste?

This fruit has a surprising taste and the first time I tried one, I literally said “Wow”. It has an acidic taste (similar to pineapples (but not as sweet)) and a hint of sweet but it’s unlike anything I’ve had before.

I found the taste addictive. After the first bite, you pause to enjoy the taste and then you’re ready to finish the fruit.

The fruits texture is smooth (your teeth slide through it) but firm (similar but different to that of jack fruit).

If you get the opportunity to try snake fruit, be sure to try.


  1. sounds good

  2. Sounds really good. I’d love to try it!

  3. I had many of them on Bali, they are crunchy, and not leathery as Jackfruit. And they are filling. My lady landlord told me that they are “not good for the stomach, not to eat many” They are hard to digest, that’s all.

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